Anointed Voices for Christ

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Anointed Voices for Christ

Gospel Band

Anointed Voices For Christ (AV4C) have been bringing the Gospel of Christ to the UK with their God given talent through praise and worship. The groups captivating, harmonic, anointed sound and ministry transport audiences to a time of true worship as AV4C blend their voices, faith, creativity and tradition.

AV4C are led by six young ladies who have a vocal gifting that compliments this ministry. They were formed through an ongoing ministry at Word Of Spirit and Life Baptist Church in Wolverhampton but formally came together as AV4C in 2010.

Their name came through a family friend who was really touched by their ministry and calling. It has since resonated with their ministry and has long continued.

Over the past 8 years AV4C have ministered at many churches, concerts, local festivals, community events, shows, clubs, weddings, christenings, funerals, baptisms, etc in the UK in particular the West Midlands. AV4C have continued to be invited back again and again to minister at many of these events and more.

Crowds enjoy the uplifting, joyous, peaceful and encouraging commentary on songs and the groups nature and banter.

Their harmonic vocals takes you to another place where you can find peace and comfort in God. It also acknowledges the frustrations, hardships and the journey of all you are going through. It communicates feelings and encourages the listeners of Gods love for us, his promises as well as love, life and death. It promises that God will see you through it all. It brings understanding, it gives a voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless, love to the unloved and joy to the hurt – SALVATION to the lost / searching!

Audiences have described AV4C as “heavenly voices combined with God’s word”, “each note / lyric can elevate you to a level where the jagged edges of lifes most persistent problems are somehow softened, where the days stresses are washed away like water running down a stream”, “That feel good feeling is contagious! Their voices bring such peace and reassurance that you are not alone and everything will be alright”.

Currently AV4C are working on their album, where you will hear more of their original work as opposed to the many traditional gospel songs many love and take comfort in. This is an exciting time for the group, which will see alot unfold for them in the year ahead.

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